Installing & using GS Auto Clicker

You can easily download the short setup program of GS Auto Clicker from our official webpage which comes with a setup tutorial for altering the installation route. The setup is rather light and won’t take too long to finish.

Follow the steps below to set up GS Auto Clicker.

  • After you’ve launched the application, navigate to the Settings menu.
  • There will be a GS Auto Clicker option.
  • After that, go to Recordings and select Multiple Clicks.
  • Click the Pick Points option.
  • Then, with the mouse pointer moved to the desired location, click each point.
  • After you’ve saved the script, click OK.
  • Close the application now.
  • Press F8 to begin the macro.
  • To change the click speed, go to Options and click on Clicking, then click on Repeat and make any changes you want.
  • You can also specify how many times the script should be run or have it run until you press F8 to stop it.